In most parts of Europe, many live in the belief that flying is one of the biggest carbon polluters in the community. The truth is quite different. Fierce competition and intense cost cutting in the airline industry for a large number of years has meant powerful efficiencies and major improvements to the environment. Over the past 40 years, emissions per passenger flight km have declined by 70 percent, and all four individual airlines in the Thomas Cook Group Airline is capable of complying with this high level.

Thomas Cook Group Airlines 

Our vision for sustainability is simple. For us it is how we meet our needs today and contribute to the future of our business, the environment and the people and communities with whom we work. In this way we aim to create a strong and robust business that will operate responsibly and ethically in the generation of value creation over the long-term.

Our airline group is among the leading aviation organizations in the industry when it comes to showing respect to the environment. We have over the years successfully implemented  hundreds of environmentally improving initiatives and manage today to deliver one of the industry's lowest emissions per passenger km. Concern for places we fly to is also on top of the agenda. We have developed our own charitable programs, the Condor ConTribute and the UK Flight of Dreams, that support people in need  on some of the destinations we fly to, and we actively participates with resources in selected projects, for example, our efforts in a children's school in Thailand.

Our Sustainability Commitment

As part of one of the world’s leading leisure travel groups. Thomas Cook Group Airline recognises the importance of managing and actively mitigating the environmental and social impacts created as a result of our business operations.

Through our management systems and other internal procedures we are embedding consideration for sustainability in all areas of our business whilst ensuring we increase sustainability awareness amongst our customers, staff and service partners.

We will monitor our environmental impacts, set stretching targets to deliver continual improvement and transparently report on our performance. We will also use our position in our industry to encourage and support the development of advanced technology and research into products and services, which reduce environmental impact and pollution.

Thomas Cook Group Airline is committed to:

  • Identifying the significant aspects of our activities and setting targets, which will be reviewed annually to minimise the level of environmental impact.
  • Complying with the requirements of all applicable environmental legislation, environmental codes of practice and applying best practice principles wherever possible
  • Ensuring environmental and social impacts are assessed and managed as part of commercial agreements with suppliers and service providers whilst influencing the supply chain to encourage good environmental practice
  • Maintain constructive dialogue and entering into relationships with key stakeholders through our industry-related networks and memberships, whilst assisting customers and employees to use products and services in an environmentally-sensitive way
  • Communicating sustainability policies internally amongst our staff, suppliers and 3rd party contractors, raising awareness of the issues and activities to mitigate any negative impacts


Our aim is to reduce our emissions from flight operations by 12% (compared baseline 2008) before 2020 by setting specific and measurable targets, and beyond 2020, it is our aim to align our flight operations in a way that we can offer our customers an even more sustainable travel product.












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