Flight passengers get their luggage picked up from their living room

When passengers go to the airport the following day, they simply bring their hand luggage, allowing them to skip the queues and go straight to security.

The new concept is offered in conjunction with the company VALiZO, which has been approved to manage the entire normal check-in procedure – the only difference being that it can now can be done in the comfort of guests' own homes.

- For many years, Spies and Thomas Cook Airlines have had a similar procedure for several of their destinations. This service is called Easy Travel and is offered at e.g. the concept hotels Sunwing Family Resorts and Sunprime Hotels. Here, guests can check into the hotel reception, drop off their luggage and receive their boarding passes, says head of information and PR Torben Andersen.

Spies and VALiZO premiered their new home service on 5 December on a flight from Copenhagen to Madeira.

- Initially, we'll offer our check-in service to guests in postal codes ranging from 0 - 2990, but the long-term plan is to gradually introduce the concept all over Sealand, Lolland, Falster and Southern Sweden. If it is as successful as we expect it to be, we are ready to expand it to the rest of Scandinavia, says Christian Kurir from VALiZO, who wants to help passengers get rid of heavy luggage issues and stress.

Since the summer, VALiZO has tested this concept on a small number of routes with home check-in. - The concept attracts many different types of passengers. It appeals to families, couples, young people and elderly folk, who have all accepted our offer of taking over their stress and strain. When we knock on the door the evening prior to departure to pick up the luggage, we also hand over luggage tags and boarding passes. For example, if we take a family with up to six people from just outside of Copenhagen (Hvidovre) with luggage and pushchair we can offer the new service for a total of DKK 395, and DKK 495 for places that are further away, says Christian Kurir from VALiZO.



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