Specialist team says Thomas Cook Airlines interiors are purrfect

Thomas Cook Airlines has enlisted an elite testing team to put its premium cabin through its paces.

Renowned creatures of comfort, cats, spent the night in the refurbished premium cabins to make sure it was up to their superior standards. And to prove how great it is, we shot a series of films.

Tom Morey, senior marketing manager for Thomas Cook Group Airlines, said: “We believe your holiday time is special so we try our hardest to help you get your holiday off to a better start with a pleasant and comfortable flight.

“No-one can assess comfort like a cat. They’re the hardest customers to please, which is why we wanted to test our new interiors with the best. And the results left the cautious kitties feline great.”

The teams tested both Thomas Cook Airlines UK interiors and those from sister airline, Condor. Both specialise in offering superb long-haul direct flights to great leisure destinations across the world, such as Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles.

The tests were part of a new quality-focused advertising campaign running in the UK and Germany, highlighting to customers that they deserve better when flying on their hard-earned holidays.



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